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Clovis Points LP

by Alarms & Controls

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Alarms & Controls formed in Washington, D.C. during the fall of 2010. The band's roots go back further, though, to 2003, when guitarist Chris Hamley (Antimony, Circus Lupus) and drummer Vin Novara (The Crownhate Ruin, 1.6 Band) were performing in an ensemble accompanying Nitrate Hymnal, a post-rock opera created by writer/composer Bob Massey. After the production closed, they decided to try writing some songs together, but the project dissolved after only a few practices. It wasn't until eight years later — when Hamley finally returned to Novara's house to retrieve his amplifier — that they decided to give it another go, eventually recruiting Michael Honch to play bass. In 2012, the trio released a single, Reanimus Cataract b/w Kirtland's Warbler, as a split between Dischord and Mud Memory Records.

Recorded in 2012 at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Office of Future Plans) — as a split between Dischord and Lovitt Records.

Following the recording sessions, Honch left the group to pursue a graduate degree, handing bass duties over to Arthur Noll. In 2014, Burleigh Seaver joined the band on second guitar.


released November 19, 2013

Chris Hamley - vocals & guitar
Michael Honch - bass
Vin Novara - drums



all rights reserved


Alarms & Controls Washington, D.C.

We are:
Chris Hamley: guitar, vocals
Arhur Noll: bass
Vin Novara: drums
Burleigh Seaver: guitar

Michael Honch: bass (2010-2013)

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Track Name: Megalodon
Deep within the jaws an isotope

Deep within the ridges stem cells

Waves as mountains petrfied

Beneath them swims Megalodon

So we pitch and slide down slopes whose lines

Advance and retreat absent regimes

Like teeth in the mouth

Reaching down deep inside an extinct predator

Whose dorsal fin makes up the skyline

Skeleton of modern industry

It once swam as Megalodon

So we pitch and slide down slopes of time

Like teeth in the mouth of Megalodon

Reaching down deep inside an extinct predator
Track Name: Khmer Avatar
The Invisible Hand tore the city down

The Disco platform has failed

We lay under Banyan root

The stone lotus, in petrified bloom,

Towers above the statuary reformed as an accretion

The Terra Cotta soldier's salt is the glue in the faults

The military platform prevails

We slid away a carbonate, expressionlessly awaiting the avatar

And the continents, they shake and dance, they sift our pieces

I am stumbling across the Khmer bas relief and on the downward

My knees crumble into stone and dust I'm bleeding out the treasures

Tectonics conspire to swallow me whole

Crushing the chemistries of symbiosis and organelle
Track Name: Your Friend in Brown Corduroy
take a switch from the willow tree

Meet me behind the milkhouse door

This will hurt you more than it hurts me, boy

See the gold flash in hs shit-eatin' grin

Hear the snicker the chowderhead brogue

This will hurt you more than it hurts me, boy

Out of sight and sound of your mother

Out of sight and sound with you, stepfather

Out of sight and sound

Brown Courderoy, he's a new friend

Brown Courderoy, It's his uniform

Brown Courderly, he's getting even

From the silo top he's pulling on you with his invisible strings

Behind the rockpile he gently sings

We will hurt him more than he hurt us

Out of Sight and Sound
Track Name: Anxiety Disorder
Alarm, Alarm

The most intimate voice says, Alarm

Yout tripped the wire that let the poison darts fly

You set the trap that broke your back and started your collapsing

You blew a seal to reveal phytotoxic insides

A pathologic reflection anti-matter collection of bad seeds and clones

Watchful, these little minds, they work wonders build universes to defend

To pretend that the enemy is not in the house

They are not alone trembling in the bush

When surviving the present moment is the best you can do

Informed by memories compressed and dangerous

and coiled to spring, I apprehend

That the enemy is now in the house

We are now trembling in the bush

You scan the skies, only moments left under the missiles

So you run and fall and cut yourself on a broken personality
Track Name: Swarm Theory
Under latticed wings of shifting symbols

Axioms connect the head to the thorax

United sgments a formula

A distant thrum now soon the skies will darken

The bit storm, the cloud, the swarm is metastatic

The bit storm, the cloud, the swarm is quadratic

Proof comes within numbers astronomic

Toward any cause with means to gather it

A trillion autonomous components

All movement as if by a single mind composed

The bit storm, the cloud, the swarm is quadratic
Track Name: Ocean of Storms
As you lay seething under your hood of moss and fear

The white gloom of reflection from satellites fails to fill your

Black hole of an eye

As you lay seeping into the mangrove the vital flow

Night beams trap the conscious; implant in orbit a barren sphere

Reborn a sea of dust

I was born on Oceanus Procellarum

On the inching squall between day and night

As you lay sleeping, your limbs the roots down through the swamp,

A dream breaks the surface, a face gasps for air, the moon shines in your

Black hole of an eye

I was born on Oceanus Procellarum on the inching squall between day and night
Track Name: Reanimus Cataract
They saw the bite wounds and chased you away

No dose could cure you so ran to the wild

Like Jeremiah Johnson the mountain man

Lie in hibernation and you rise again in the spring

When your eyes dropped open and your mind is in the sway

To a foreign alkaloid or alien half-life

You could not quite understand how you wound up doing this

So you roam at random and take what comes your way.

From then on your life is a cataract

Going over the edge is the easiest choice

And looking down from the cliffs above you see the patterns ran against you

I hid under copper leaves like coins over the dry ledge of Niagara

My face broke the frozen ground blind cold stars a galaxy to bedrock
Track Name: Whistle Back from the Archer
When the agent found me lying, her arrow knockd and drawn

I tried to move, she said, "Son, don't try it, I've got the drop"

I said, "Oh, I shot my arrows years ago, they're just now whistling back"

My contingent has abandoned and my mouth's a dead connection

I move like the eyeless fish in abyssal water

I stumble from the party, caved in to the forest floor

Shot in the back with arrows

Once upon a time I loosed from my own bow

And later I fell

Birthed and squirrelled in leaves my frozen extremities

Arranged to spend the winter's night wedged into the earth's crust

Man how I failed again

You see, it's all about survival, so I chew the leaves and the seeds

Of these exiled weeds, of these crude remedies

That are worse than the disease

Man how it laid me out.

You see the time-line has two arrows

Catch me now I'm flying backward

Catch me now I think I'm falling

Catch me now

You're a damn good archer 'cause I keep falling

Shot in the back with arrows
Track Name: Running Hard on the Trickle-Down
Children ready, get on your marks, get set, GO!

Round and round the track we go

Race round the rim of the hole

We keep climbing out of, we keep climbing out

I reach down to fill my cup against the handicap

You see where the blocks are set, way ahead of the curve

Round and round the track we go..

Reach down to fill my cup against the handicap

You see where the blocks are set...

They say you gotta be practical, you gotta run hard on the trickledown

That there are winners and losers, so you better place in your heat

Heard it said it's the natural order each one's gotta learn his place

Well I'm tired of being bounced around and running hard on the trickle down

Running hard on just a trickle
Track Name: Strike When the Iron's Hot
Swing your hammers for free

Come on all of you brave people

Let's look back from a crisis averted

And swing your hammers for free

We can forge the times with better reasons

And more elegant modes of action

And swing our hammers for free

Or not at all

Held in the furnace, and quick to the anvil

The instincts must be turned and struck when the iron's hot

History seems so deep just an eyeblink in natural time

Populations burn bright and out unless survival is recast

Mobilize the intellect and redirect the animal

Breath to life the synthetic
Track Name: Clovis Points
After the exchange is closed on all the profit taking

The towers leaning over test our featherless flight

Because we're jumping free

Where are the technologies that put our feet back on the ground?

Where are our Clovis Points?

Here we run down the edge of lake, smooth sand records our feet

Weapons balanced over shoulders

A dry sun sees a backward History

And we run to take down all giants we can find, every single one

These songs, they are our Clovis Points